Guide to Career Opportunities in Cosmetology

A career in cosmetology can direct down many various paths. Cosmetology is largely the follow of making natural beauty. Cosmetologists, also referred to as cosmeticians, get the job done with pores and skin, hair and nails to help you accentuate and produce this elegance.

Nevertheless it is possible to perform with all a few mediums, most cosmeticians specialize in pores and skin, hair or nails particularly. Despite what aspect of cosmetology you may or may not specialise in, any cosmetology license has the possible of landing you a position as an item representative, normal expert or cosmetology teacher.

Pores and skin

Make-up Artist. The most obvious profession involving cosmetology and skin might be to be a make-up artist. Make-up artists can do the job at salons, spas or department stores performing makeovers. They could also transition into film and theater to accomplish costuming makeup.

Esthetician. A cosmetologist who makes a speciality of skin may also become an esthetician. An esthetician, often known as a non-professional medical skin treatment specialist, is a person who works with pores and skin and almost everything connected with it. It might require special schooling, though the doors are open for esthetician jobs in laser hair elimination, electrolysis, facials, therapeutic massage and rejuvenating solutions.

Pores and skin Care Specialist/Hair Elimination Professional. If you do not care for the total esthetician position description, with all its health-related and hair removing aspects, You can even turn into a pores and skin treatment expert. A skin care specialist performs facials, massages and also other rejuvenating treatments only. In case you’d alternatively skip the pores and skin component, you can become a hair removing professional, accomplishing a number of hair removal strategies.


Hair Stylist. Turning into a hair stylist is often the principle target for the majority of cosmetology college students. Becoming a hair stylist means more than simply being aware of the best way to shampoo and Reduce hair, though. Hair stylists must be effectively skilled in curling, relaxing, coloring, slicing, shaping, cleansing, fixing and styling hair for the two Males and ladies.

Barber. Barbering is the only real location of cosmetology that focuses completely on Males. A barber has to know a lot more than simply how you can Slice Males’s hair. He ought to understand how to eliminate, trim and shape facial hair. He also has to understand how to take care of Adult males’s pores and skin.


Manicurist. If you want to perform with nails, you’ll want to visit a cosmetology university to become a manicurist. A manicurist would be the minimum adaptable occupation in cosmetology, but this assistance remains to be in desire. Manicurists ought to understand how to thoroughly clean, shape and complete authentic nails. They need to also know how to get ready, implement, clear, condition and end phony nails.